"Climate Change and International Security" CISS Annual Conference

March 24- 25, 2022

Princeton University, Lewis Library 120 or

About the Conference

The “Climate Change and International Security” conference will explore the ways in which climate change is redefining international security. How are the effects of climate change, particularly droughts, contributing to inter- and intra-state conflict? What are the effects of geopolitics on energy transitions? How should military and civilian leaders address these challenges? In a period of heightening great power competition, will international cooperation on addressing climate change realize global governance, or devolved spheres of influence?

This conference will bring together diverse scholars and practitioners to discuss ways of addressing the security risks stemming from climate change. Our panelists include policy analysts, current and former government officials, university professors with expertise in ecology, migration, conflict studies, military strategy, regional studies, energy, and multilateralism. Such a diverse array of subjects touches on issues relevant to international relations scholars as well as practitioners and analysts concerned with the future of American foreign policymaking. The conference is open to the public and will be live streamed. 

Conference schedule

Thursday, March 24
04:30 PM Public Keynote address
                 Keynote speaker: Ms. Sherri Goodman (Wilson Center)
                 Moderated discussion with:
                 Dr. Alexander de Sherbinin (Columbia University)
                 Prof. Kelly Sims Gallagher (Tufts University)
                 Ms. Samantha Gross (Brookings Institution)
                 Prof. Andrew Shaver (University of California Merced)
                 Moderated by: Prof. Aaron Friedberg (Princeton University)
06:00 PM  Reception (Open to the public)
06:30 PM  Dinner (Speakers, CISS fellows, select guests)

Friday, March 25
08:15 AM  Breakfast (Open to the public)
09:00 AM  Panel 1: Human Security
                  Dr. Alexander de Sherbinin (Columbia University)
                  Dr. Rod Schoonover (Council on Strategic Risks)
                  Ms. Beza Tesfaye (Mercy Corps)
                  Moderated by: Prof. G. John Ikenberry (Princeton University)
10:30 AM  Panel 2: Geopolitics of Energy
                  Dr. Nicola De Blasio (Harvard University Belfer Center)
                  Dr. Erica Downs (Columbia University)
                  Ms. Samantha Gross (Brookings Institution)
                  Moderated by: Dr. Meg Jacobs (Princeton University)
12:00 PM  Lunch (Open to the public)
01:00 PM  Panel 3: Conflict and National Defense
                 Prof. Marwa Daoudy (Georgetown University)
                 Dr. Christine Hull (US Army War College)
                 Prof. Andrew Shaver (University of California Merced)
                 Moderated by: Prof. Ethan Kapstein (Princeton University)
02:30 PM  Panel 4: International Cooperation
                 Prof. Jeff Colgan (Brown University)
                 Prof. Ken Conca (American University)
                 Prof. Kelly Sims Gallagher (Tufts University)
                 Moderated by: Dr. Tolya Levshin (Princeton University)
03:50 PM  Closing remark

For more information, please click HERE to read the complete conference agenda.

Register HERE.

Members of the Princeton community are invited to attend the conference in person. Non-Princeton affiliates can virtually attend the event.

The reception at the Prospect House on the 24th, breakfast and lunch on the 25th are open to the public. A few pre-registered guests will be invited to join the dinner with the speakers and CISS fellows on the 24th. 

If you have questions, please email [email protected].