CISS Graduate Fellow Mindy Haas Publishes Research in International Security

Feb. 9, 2021

CISS Graduate Fellow Mindy Haas has published an article co-authored with former Princeton faculty Keren Yarhi-Milo in International Security. 

We ask the question of why aligned states sometimes disclose secret information about their military plans to use force, but other times choose to deceive their partners. The state initiating these plans may choose among four information-sharing strategies: collusion, compartmentalization, concealment, and lying. Three main considerations shape these decisions: the state’s assessment of whether it needs its partner’s capabilities to succeed at the military mission, the state’s perception of whether the partner will be willing to support the state in the requested role, and the state’s anticipated deception costs for not fully informing its partner state. Check it out if you're interested in U.S.-Israel relations or the IR literature on secrecy!