2012-2013 Fellows

Katherine Elgin

Katherine is a senior in the Politics Department, concentrating in international relations. Her academic work focuses in particular on security interests in Central Asia and U.S.-Russian relations. Katherine speaks French, Russian, and Swedish, and has interned at the U.S. Department of State. At Princeton, Katherine is a residential college adviser, the photography editor of The Daily Princetonian, and the co-president of the Princeton University Orchestra, in addition to her role with CISS.

Emily Erickson

Emily is a junior in the Politics Department concentrating in International Relations, and pursuing certificates in the East Asian Studies and Humanistic Studies programs.  She is most interested in Sino-U.S. strategic policy, and the investment decisions of key international players in Asia. Her independent research has dealt with the effect of transitional governance on international justice in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and the political, economic, and security ramifications of third-world migrant workers in East Asia.  She has spent the past two summers serving as a US Fellow at the IMUSE 2011 Summer Conference in Beijing, and working for media firms and NGOs in New York, Shanghai, and Singapore. Emily also enjoys playing the harp, and has performed in major concert venues around the world.

Matteo Faini

Matteo is a Ph.D. student in the Politics Department, where he is focusing on compliance with the laws of war. Born and raised in Italy, he has an unhealthy passion for Machiavelli and for war and diplomacy in the Italian Renaissance. He obtained a B.A. cum laude from the University of Bologna and then a Master of Arts from SAIS Johns Hopkins, where he was also nominated to the Phi Beta Kappa society.

Walter Fick

Walter is a senior in the Politics Department, concentrating in international relations. His research focuses on U.S. defense policy and efforts to transform the military to meet 21st century threats. Professionally, Walter has worked as a journalist, researcher, and student teacher, in addition to managing a small business. He plans to attend law school after graduating and hopes to work as a prosecutor.

Jared Isenstein

Jared is a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School, where he is studying transitions to democratic government. He is also interested in Middle Eastern affairs, and is vice-president of Princeton's Alexander Hamilton Society chapter and treasurer of Princeton College Republicans.

Nick Mirda

Nick is a junior in the History Department, where he focuses on military history. He is also interested in the interplay between international relations, domestic policy, and the military. He plans to write his senior thesis on the historical methods of waging counterinsurgency. His academic interests include late Roman history, Italian, Farsi, international relations, grand strategy, Near Eastern history and politics. He is a US Army ROTC cadet and plans on pursuing a career in public policy after his military service.

Sophie Moskop

Sophie is a senior in the Politics Department concentrating in International Relations. Her independent work has covered various topics from secrecy and WikiLeaks, to Israel's nuclear behavior, to her current thesis work on the evolution of Just War theory. She has spent all three of her Princeton summers studying at peer institutions, most recently in Tokyo studying the effects of disaster on national identity.

Jacques Singer-Emery

Jacques, a senior, is a varsity rower with an International Relations focus in the Politics Department and a minor in Political-Economy. He has held associate positions at SIGA bio-defense, Altegrity, and Aristeia Capital. He is an active member of Princeton Model U.N., Princeton Crisis Simulation, and Princeton International Relations Council.