Strategic Education Initiative

2019-20 CISS Student Fellows
CISS Student Fellows

CISS's Strategic Education Initiative (SEI) is the focal point for Princeton students interested in learning more about international security. Two goals are at the core of every SEI event. First, create opportunities for students to actively engage today's most pressing security challenges while working alongside career professionals from the military, government, and private sector. Second, foster the kind of strategic mindset that facilitates success in any competitive environment, from the courtroom to the boardroom to the policy making process.

Because modern security challenges defy traditional boundaries, SEI events are deliberately interdisciplinary and are open to undergraduate, masters, and PhD students from across the University. Environmental security, demographic change, economic interdependence, technological innovation and international cooperation play as big a role as foreign policy and military affairs in SEI's activities. 

Princeton students have participated in a SEI sponsored battlefield staff ride, crisis simulation, or student-only dinner panel. The Strategic Education Initiative (SEI) was launched in early 2010 as part of CISS' commitment to educating the next generation of security leaders.

To join the SEI mailing list or to learn more, please send an email to [email protected] or sign up here.