Student Fellows Program


CISS Fellows

As the focal point for security studies at Princeton, one of the Center’s enduring goals is to create a university-wide group of scholars interested in all aspects of this wide ranging field. Princeton students – undergraduate and graduate – are an important part of this growing community. Students interested in learning more about security studies should consider taking a course offered by CISS faculty or participating in one of CISS’ Strategic Education Initiative (SEI) extracurricular activities.

Students already familiar with security studies and interested in taking a leadership role in Princeton’s security community should consider applying to the CISS Student Fellows Program. The Student Fellows Program is designed to incorporate selectees in the full range of CISS’ research and student activities. Fellows design and lead major SEI projects; interact with security scholars and policy leaders from across the university; and contribute to the Center’s research activities. Undergraduate and graduate students who already possess an extensive background in security studies and have a serious interest in pursuing further studies or a career in the field are encouraged to apply.

Call for applications will be sent to our listserv every spring, typically in March or April. If you are interested in becoming a fellow with CISS but are not on our listserv, you can join it here or by emailing [email protected].